Do I need a trial?

Although a trial isn’t compulsory we do defiantly recommend them for the bride. A trial is important as it gives you chance to tell us in detail the image you have in your mind. It gives you the opportunity to look at yourself after we have gone and make sure that you are 100% happy with everything we have done. If on the day this needs to be tweaked or even completely changed it’s not a problem for us, it is your day and we will work around whatever you want...no challenge to big! It also gives us both chance to meet before the day itself, we like to build a bit of a rapport with our brides and have a gossip of all things “weddingy” before the big day! The rest of the bridal party is welcome to have a trial also, but again this is not compulsory.

How soon before my wedding do I need a trial?

The trial date is completely up to you, some people like it months in advance for own piece of mind and some just weeks before. We recommend about 1-2 months before, this way it allows us time to purchase anything we may need after meeting you at the trial. Please note that the more advance you can give us on a trial date the better, we get extremely busy throughout the summer especially. Week nights have to favour weekends some of the time as we are out at weddings most Saturdays and Sundays.

Are you both mobile?

Yes, we are happy to travel to you for both the trial, and the wedding day whether this be at your home, or venue. Please note there is a call out charge added for this dependant on where we are travelling to.

Where will you travel too?

We are Chesterfield based but are able to travel anywhere within the UK. Travel costs do apply and vary dependant on where we are travelling to. Please note that if you require us further than 3hours away then hotel accommodation may need to be supplied also.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Please contact us for more info on if/when a deposit is due. 

What if you are ill on my wedding day?

In the extremely unlikely event that either of us is ill or injured on your wedding day then we will do our best to find you an alternative make up artist/hairstylist, we work closely with a salon and make up artist so this shouldn’t be a problem for us. If however this is not possible then a full refund and any deposit you have paid will be issued. Please note that neither of us has been ill on a clients wedding day to date.

What do I need to do to book you?

If you wish to book us for your wedding day we will need a written confirmation by either email or txt message, this then secures the date for you in our diary. A booking form will then be issued.


What method of payment do you take?

We accept cash only on the day of the wedding or trial however I will also accept cheques as long as they are received and cleared at least a week before the wedding.


What make up brands are used?

The majority of my kit used is Mac make up as I find it to be most durable and flawless. They do a number of different types of foundation, having the perfect match for every skin type, resulting in flawless skin and beautiful photos. All of the basics are Mac including powder, eye shadows and lipsticks. I also use a few specially selected products from Clarins to Dior.

Can I use my own make up?

All of my own make up is provided at both the trial and on the day, however I am willing to use as little or as much of your make up as you would like me to. I understand that a lot of women have their “favourite blusher” etc, so I am happy to use whatever will make you feel your very best on your big day.


When should I wash my hair?

On the day of the trial I will assess what will be the best procedure for washing your hair on the run up to the wedding. Depending on the style you choose this can vary, so please wash your hair as you would normally for the trial and we will go from there.


Do I need to buy anything before my trial?

At this stage you don’t need to buy anything. After the trial there may be things you wish to buy, for example clip in hair extensions or the lip colour I have used. Please note that none of this is compulsory it is purely down personal preference. 


What hygiene precautions do you take?

Both our hair and makeup tools are thoroughly cleaned after each time they are used. The makeup brushes are washed after every wedding and special make up cleansing wipes are used between each person if the brush needs to be re used. Brushes are always used when applying make up to ensure the makeup itself can never become contaminated by anything.


For any other questions or queries please do not hesitate to ask us...we will do our best to answer them as quickly and accurately as possible.



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